Thursday, 23 February 2012

Spring is in the air.....

I'm going to whisper this, so as not to tempt fate.....

I think spring might be just around the corner.


I've said it.

Walking Small Dog to the postbox earlier, the sun was shining from a cloudless sky and it was almost warm. In several front gardens, crocuses are in full bloom and the daffodils are starting to bud.  There's a noticeable increase in bird activity in the garden, and the evenings are definitely getting lighter.

There are just 31 days till the clocks go forward... my very favourite time of the year. The trees and hedgerows will start to green up and I'll feel as though I'm coming out of winter hibernation.  Although this winter hasn't been nearly as bad as last year *touch wood* it has seemed very long and I'm really looking forward to more daylight hours and the advent of warmer weather.

I felt almost chipper in the workroom today, with the sunshine streaming in, flooding my desk with light.  Which is just as well as I have a lot to do in the next week or so, including casting more tiny dolls and toys and working on several new projects.

There's also the matter of the March home workshop pack which will be unveiled on March 1st and which has a definite springtime theme.


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Robin said...

You're not going to tell us SD went out and herded those sheep - juss-like-that - are you?