Saturday, 26 May 2012

Caution to the wind........

Another stunningly lovely day.... blue skies, warm sunshine, balmy breeze.... perfect.

In view of the fact that we've now had several days of summer, I have decided to relinquish my socks and jeans and expose my winter-white shins to the unsuspecting populace.  This first required some extensive deforestation, exfoliation, moisturisation and buffing, all of which have resulted in my legs looking more like corned beef than the soft, supple, gamine pins of my imagination.

No matter.

I did score a minor personal triumph in that this morning I excavated a pair of shorts from the depths of my wardrobe, which haven't fitted me for 2 years.  In fact last summer I couldn't even get them over my (admittedly sturdy) hips, but today they slid on easily. 

Not only that, I could do them up... zip, buttons, the lot.

Not only that, they're actually a quite baggy..... so RESULT!

Right.... I have a zillion things to do today so I must disdain the delights of lounging about in the garden and get on.

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