Sunday, 27 May 2012



Possibly the hottest May day in the history of ever and we had to work. 


OK so the fair venue was air conditioned, which only served to highlight the searing temperatures when we emerged mid-afternoon to pack the car.  I had to feel sorry for the girl dressed as a dragon all day, as a homage to the theme of the fair, which was Fairy Tales and Nursery Rhymes.

Once home, and car unpacked, we headed for the garden and tackled the shed to unearth our relaxer chairs which haven't seen the light of day since the end of summer 2011.  There followed a brief period of me screaming and prancing around to avoid the humungous spiders which had taken up residence in the chairs, and were reluctant to relinquish possession.

Small Dog is next to useless in these situations as I suspect she too has a deep-seated fear of scuttling things, although she feigns nonchalance.  She kept her distance as arachnids of all shapes and sizes were flung through the air by PP in response to my lily-livered wailing.

By the time calm had been restored, and all eight-legged creatures evicted, I was decidedly hot under the collar and badly in need of an ice cold beer.  Fortunately, on our return I had the foresight to put a few in the freezer against just such an eventuality.

I was only in the house for 30 seconds max, but when I emerged I discovered Small Dog had sequestered my lounger and was stretched out right across it, giving me a look which clearly said:

"WHAT!?  You want THIS chair?  But I've only just laid down....."

Unfortunately for Small Dog, I was unmoved, and dealt with her plea for squatter's rights in short shrift, after which she went into a sulk and lay on the patio in full sun, panting her furry head off, glancing at me occasionally to make sure that I witnessed her discomfort.

She was slightly mollified when we dragged out the BBQ, and positively cheered up when we mentioned sossages, which are her favourite BBQ food.

Apart from steak.

And pork chops.

And burgers.

And asparagus.

It's been a long day.........

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