Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Clean ALL the things.........

I've spent the past 3 hours cleaning the inside of the caravan while PP, with her extra height and longer reach cleaned the outside.

A full 3 hours!

It wouldn't be so bad but it still isn't finished.  

How can such a small space take so long to clean?  OK so there are zillions of cupboards and lots of nooks and crannies but still.

3 hours..... 

Small Dog came out into the van with me to 'help' which consisted mainly of lying on her back with her legs up in the air in a patch of sunlight on the seat.  I had to move her a few times otherwise I'd have had to clean round her, which elicited a deep sigh and rolling of her eyes.

I remained unmoved.

When we're camping, she likes to sit up on the back of the seat by the window to keep a close eye on any dog/rabbit/duck/bird incursions inside her perimeter.  As a result there is usually a fairly even line of dried dog snot all along the inside of both the side windows.  I pointed this out to Small Dog, as I laboriously cleaned and polished them, but she gave me the equivalent of a shrug and went back to her sunbathing.

I don't know if you've ever had to clean dog snot off the inside of a caravan window, but I can tell you it's not easy.  It has a tendency to smear.  I spent around 15 minutes on each window, but when I'd finished they were crystal clear.  

I then made a start on the washroom which is at the rear of the caravan.  40 minutes later, I emerged, to find Small Dog sitting on the back of one of the seats with her snotty nose pressed right up against the window, intently watching a magpie on the lawn.

I honestly don't know why I even bother......


Neen said...

I think you should write a book call "Tales of Small Dog," it would be a best seller. One of the chapters could be "Snotty Windows." I love the story and the picture of her beautiful little face (yes, I am an unrepentent animal lover)!

Sandra Morris said...

Thanks Neen....

Small Dog has long been of the opinion that she has a book in her.

A best seller obviously.

However she'd definitely have to brush up her spelling....


A note from Small Dog...

helo Neen
thanc yoo fore yore kynd coment abowt mi fais.

Doant lissen to mi mum. she alwais eckzajiraits.

mi spelin is aktewali veri gude. i mite rite a buke att sum poynt...mi memmwars wude bea eckstreamli fassinaitin.