Monday, 10 September 2012

Best laid plans......

We returned home this afternoon following our 17-day caravan odyssey along the South Coast to Dorset.  It's the first multi-site trip we've ever done, stopping at 4 different sites along the way and I can tell you that packing down a caravan awning, packing up the van, then doing the whole thing again in reverse in one day is both exhausting and character building.

Thankfully, for the past week we stayed put on one site in Dorset, and the weather was glorious.  Hot and sunny, with just enough of a refreshing cool breeze for comfort.

All three of us have returned feral.  There's something about living mostly outdoors for such an extended period that chips away at any pretensions of civilisation.  It's going to take me several days to revert to get used to being in a house again, with hot and cold running water on tap without having to drag a 40 litre aquaroll to the service point once a day.

I haven't watched a single second of television for 17 days, nor have I read a newspaper, or even listened to the radio, so I am supremely out of touch with what has been happening in the world.  Surprisingly, I haven't missed any of those things much.

Even being reunited with my phone mid-way through the trip did little to keep me informed as the mobile signal for the past week has been practically non-existent.  Similarly the mobile broadband dongle I use for my laptop could muster only a measly 2 tiny bars of signal, so pulling in emails or getting onto the internet has been impossible.

It will take me a few days to get used to having the world wide web at my fingertips again, and I feel strangely reluctant to return to being at its beck and call.  There's something strangely empowering about being disconnected from everything..... despite the fact it took me over a week of going cold turkey to get used to it.

However I have to drag myself, kicking and screaming back into the real world sharpish, as the next two weeks are shaping up to be insanely busy, both in terms of work and home-based stuff.

So I'm giving myself this last evening off before I return to the fray bright and early tomorrow morning.  Just as well we managed to salvage a single bottle of wine to bring home with us.



PastMastery said...

We haven't had a telly since the 80's. I listen to no news on the radio and never read a newspaper.

We have no technology bar the computer which I don't really use for news and events etc.

I too am out of touch with the world in some respects.....and you know what? I am very happy not knowing. Ignorance is bliss!


Sandra Morris said...


I commend your consistency.

I do like to keep up to date with what's going on in the world though... most of the time.