Monday, 24 September 2012

Keep calm and carry on........

After a brief blaze of Indian summer last week, autumn has returned with a vengeance.  Yesterday and today it's rained continuously and the forecast is for high winds and torrential rain for the next few days.  I'm going to unearth my SAD lamp and sit in front of it for a few hours later while I'm working to try to get a head start on the winter blues.

We worked hard all weekend, giving the smallest bedroom a makeover, which it badly needed.

It was pink.

Not a pleasing, pretty, pale, pastel periwinkle pink.

No by no nonny no.

It was a vibrant, In-Your-Face, deep Barbie pink, which was completely overpowering.  Quite why we haven't re-decorated it before is a mystery, shrouded in the mists of time.  It was originally PP's daughter's bedroom and she didn't seem to mind it.  Then over time it became a repository for bits of spare furniture and general stuff, and we couldn't have repainted it even if we wanted to.

Which we didn't.

However, empty of all the extraneous stuff, a makeover was clearly called for.  The transformation is startling and was worth the effort.  Shame we were only galvanised into action by a desire to sell the house.

No matter.

The house is now gleaming and immaculate.  I'm scared to even walk into several of the rooms.  Like Pig-Pen from Peanuts, I seem to have an uncanny knack for creating a mess in my wake wherever I go and having worked our butts off to get it this clean and tidy, the challenge for the duration is to keep it that way.

Not only is the house now pristine and practically minimalist *cough*, I no longer know where to find a single thing and have to spend many minutes, eyes closed and immobile, playing a game of mental pelmanism to try to track down whatever I'm looking for.  This is both time consuming and exhausting.  I needed a pair of tweezers from the workroom earlier and had to hunt through just about every cupboard and drawer before I found them. 

However, we are now ready to GO.  Wish us luck.......


rosanna said...

I recognized myself in the last paragraph: I am not a tidy person , not even close, and any time I decide to make order in my things I forget where they are.
It happened no later than yesterday, I looked for my camera because friends were at home and wanted a portrait of them and I had to snap it with me mobile phone.
I found it this morning !
Good luck with the house.

Sandra Morris said...

Thanks Rosanna,

I might just go and live in the caravan for the duration!


KT Miniatures said...

Blimey Sandra, well having caught up with your recent postings.....I can see you have been a little busy! Have you any imminent prospective buyers lined up at the door yet? Good luck to all three of you from us here in Thame (yep - have included Small Dog of course)! CeliaX

Sandra Morris said...

Thanks Celia.....

Early days yet but keeping everything crossed!


Neen said...

Wow, you certainly have had a lot on your plate. I hope you find the right buyer and that Small Dog allows you to move into a wonderful new house, after all we know she's really in charge!

Wishing you all the best, Neen