Sunday, 16 September 2012

Stress squared......


As if the current preparing to move house type stress wasn't enough, we've wilfully gone and added to it by rashly viewing a couple of houses at the weekend.

We have identified the specific area we think we'd like to move to, and two of our friends already live there, so we have a reasonable perception of what it's like.  What we don't have any idea of, is can we find a property we could actually envisage ourselves living in.

A while back, we looked at one house there which on paper ticked many of our boxes, but which, in reality we didn't like at all.  So before committing to a final decision to move there we thought it would be a good idea to look at a few different styles of houses to identify what we do and don't like.

The first house we viewed at the weekend didn't tick a single one of our boxes, and on the way to see the second one, we were discussing the notion that we might not be able to find something suitable at all.


The second house was just like Mary Poppins....practically perfect in every way.  From the minute we walked through the door we could both absolutely envisage living and feeling comfortable there.

That's the good news.

The bad news is that on our way in, a couple on their second viewing were coming out, and apparently we're not the only ones who feel that it's a perfect house for them.

I almost wish we hadn't seen it as I'm sure that we won't be in a position to secure it any time soon.  As a pragmatist, I tend not to covet things I know I can't have.  Saves all sort of disappointment in the long run.  So the realisation that we're probably not going to be in the running on our dream house is a novel, wholly unpleasant sensation.

The cautious pessimist in me is urging me to just forget the whole thing and concentrate on the task in hand, namely getting our house sorted.

The go-getter optimist in me is saying, nothing ventured, nothing gained and to go for it, despite the fact we're currently in no position to do so.

We've been going round in ever decreasing circles, trying to think of workable contingency plans, to little avail. 

Small Dog, who was with us yesterday and gave the house and surroundings a firm paw's up has offered us her pocket money to buy a lottery ticket in the hope that might provide the necessary wherewithal to cushion our temporary cash flow dilemma.

She's obviously much more of an optimist than I am......


Karin F. said...

if it means anything to the powers that be (up there somewhere), I'm in your corner rooting with fingera as well as toes crossed!!
Your philosophy re nothing ventured noting gained is one that I feel strongly about ....but also that if you've ventured but have gained nothing, then there was a reason. One that usually means there's something better just round another corner.
hugs ~K

Sandra Morris said...

Awwww.... thanks Karin :-)

I'll keep my fingers crossed too but I'm trying not to build my hopes too high.