Friday, 21 September 2012

The final push..... denoument


It is done.

I feel like I'm living in the set of a spoof Ingmar Bergman film

Everything feels so alien.

So strange.

Where is all the stuff?

It is gone.

Like the wind.

Small Dog looks at us beseechingly.

To no avail.

It is gone.

As we all will time.

PS.... it IS a vin kväll.   God natt mina lovelies.

PPS.... *   Är det bara jag eller är Sigfried verkligen passar *

* hint.... use Google translate.


PastMastery said...

Don't need to translate with google...speak Swedish ! < nah!>

BTW.... I'm back and minus me bits....and surprisingly well. Sx

Sandra Morris said...

Good to hear that you're back home and well on the road to recovery Sue.

Take care and don't overdo things though....