Sunday, 2 June 2013

Summer days......

So we are now into June and the summer solstice is fast approaching.  It doesn't seem possible that we're almost halfway through the year already but I can't argue with the calendar.

Despite the mess in the workroom descending ever further into chaos, I have been stalwartly guarding the tiny clear bit of space on my desk and am delighted to have achieved a small miracle.....the release of a new Kit of the Month for June.

This is as much of a surprise to me as anyone else.

I wanted it to have a seasonal theme so here she is..... my little June Bride Toy Doll Kit

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I am making a limited number of these kits, primarily because I have only a small amount of the gorgeous soft lace I've used for the skirt and bodice.... when it's gone it's gone.

Orders can be placed on the website HERE  and kits will be despatched from Thursday 6 June.

Incidentally, during the research phase for this kit, I discovered that the tradition underpinning the June Bride relates to the fact that the vast majority of people in mediaeval Britain took their annual bath (presumably whether they needed it or not) in May or June.  Therefore in June they were still relatively sweet-smelling.  However to offset any unfortunate body odours, brides carried a posy of flowers, thus beginning the tradition of the bridal bouquet.

 Who knew......?

Predictably, my wedding tradition researches led me down many a winding, twisty road, ending up, inevitably, in Displacement Activity Avenue.....


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