Monday, 29 April 2013

Is it that time already......?

Tomorrow is the last day of April, which means we're already one third of the way through the year.

How on earth did THAT happen?

I think I might be disorientated by the fact that winter lasted twice as long as it should have done, then we've had just one week of spring and jumped straight to summer.

I'd intended getting so many things done this month but it's snuck right past me and now I'm up against the beginning of May the day after tomorrow.  It's a complete impossibility to get an entire month's worth of stuff achieved in just one day but I've decided to throw caution to the winds and give it a damn good go.

Of course the one BIG thing I didn't get round to starting this month is the annual accounts in preparation for doing my tax return.  Regular readers will know just how much I enjoy this yearly ritual and how I rub my hands with glee at the prospect of spending several days trying to make sense of my admittedly chaotic bookkeeping system.  I can hardly wait to sit goggle-eyed in front of a computer spreadsheet, struggling to understand why the figures in column A don't match those in column D as they should.   I expect it will all come right in the end though (it usually does) but I'm going to wait till after the Bank Holiday weekend before I dive in.  I may try some desultory 'sorting' and 'arranging' of various piles of paperwork before then, just to give me some false sense of being ahead of the posse.

No matter.

These things are sent to try us, and they do.

Indeed they do.

Rather more pressing is the fact that as is always the case when we return from a short break away in the caravan, camping detritus spreads through the house like a miasma.  It's fairly bad in the kitchen, where several piles of dirty laundry are awaiting their turn in the washing machine.  Similarly, the hall is strewn with storage boxes and I can hardly turn round in the workroom because the caravan awning and flooring have taken up residence in there.  

Once all of that has been relocated, I have several orders to package and a large batch of china painting to do.  Whether or not I can get all of the latter completed AND fired before May 1st remains to be seen so I'd better go and just get on with it.

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