Wednesday, 17 July 2013

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I'm finally nearing the end of the workroom makeover.  It's taken three weeks, from first starting to empty the room and dismantle all the storage to putting up the final shelf this afternoon but the transformation is nothing short of amazing.

In its 'Before' state it was unlovely and unloved. 

More functional than fun.  
Boring rather than brilliant.
More dull than delightful...
Insipid rather than inspiring.....

It hadn't been touched since the day we moved in, almost 10 years ago, when the necessity to get it up and running as quickly as possible so that we could resume work, was paramount.
Over the intervening years I'd casually thought about redecorating but the thought of all the upheaval and disruption quickly quelled my enthusiasm for the project.  

So it was only when we decided to have some renovation works carried out on the house, which meant that there would be upheaval and disruption anyway, it seemed to make sense to grasp the nettle and do the workroom at the same time.

 Preparing for painting

Decorating completed, old carpet lifted

Afer all the boring stuff, the fun could then begin.....

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Debora said...

I can imagine the threshold you must have felt prior. But the 'before-the-make-over-pic' is some cliffhanger!