Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Animal house......


It's been a whole week since I revealed my workroom makeover.  A few more bits and pieces have been added since then, and I've actually been in there working, as opposed to just sitting, gazing around in wonderment.

Today I have been dealing with a motley collection of toy animals which are being transformed into an exotic circus menagerie.  I've mostly been wrestling with a particularly recalcitrant giraffe, trying to get his conical hat to fit perfectly.

His ears weren't at all helpful, but it was his horns which were the real bugger.  I had several tries at getting his hat just right while he eyed me suspiciously.  Meanwhile a tiger cub was trying on all the prototype cast offs, much to the amusement of the other animals in waiting. He won't be so full of beans when he discovers what I have in store for him.

I'm also gearing up for the next Mini Miniature Show which will take place from 14-20 August.  As well as exhibiting I shall also be running an online workshop.  Full details will be available shortly.

In other news, the searing heat of the past few weeks has finally broken after a huge thunderstorm yesterday afternoon.  It's now just perfect..... hot but not unbearably so, with much less humidity.  A lingering downside of the heatwave is the waves of mosquitoes besieging us each night. I've taken to smothering exposed skin with mosquito repellent before I go to bed as I've been waking up each morning with bites upon bites.

I don't know whether it's to do with my Scottish blood (which must be incredibly delishus) but most biting insects find me irresistible.  This wouldn't be a problem if the resultant bites were just a bit red and itchy.  

But no.

No by no nonny no.

My insect bites come up in great big weals and blisters and they don't just itch.  They also throb and ache for good measure.  If the blisters get really bad I have to sterilise a needle and lance them rather than allow them to burst and possibly get infected.

As a result I go to great pains to avoid the bloodsucking buggers.  I'm seriously considering getting a mosquito net to over the bed, except that Small Dog would probably get tangled up in it.....

She seems remarkably unperturbed by them.....don't dogs ever get bitten.....?




Cindy said...

Oh my! LOVE your puppy mosquito! Their long fur keeps them from being food to the pesky things. If you are able to find in your area, Off Clip On repellant seems to be doing the trick for me! Hugs! PS- Where are the pics of these dressed up animals!?

Sandra Morris said...

Thanks Cindy.....

I'll post some pics of the circus menagerie when I've finished a few more animals. I'm still tinkering with the prototypes at the moment.