Friday, 12 July 2013

Where Bloggers Create......

If you're a first time visitor to my blog, and have come here see my creative work space on the first day of 'Where Bloggers Create',  then I have to 'fess up straight away and apologise for there being nothing to see.


My workroom has been having a complete makeover from top to bottom and inside out, and despite my very best efforts, the trials and tribulations of the past few weeks have caught up with me and the Grand Reveal won't happen until next week.

With luck and a following wind, most probably Wednesday.

It will be worth the wait..... honestly. 

In the meantime, during the intermission, here's my version of the old TV test card......


Jillian's Bella Rosa Antiques said...

I too am in the middle of a transformation and didn't quite make the deadline. I'd love to see yours when you complete it! Hop on over and let me know when you're finished, if you can. :)

Bella Rosa Antiques

Sandra Morris said...

Hi Jillian.....

Just a few days late but I got there in the end!
I'll definitely have a look at your blog now :)