Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Best laid plans......

Hmmmm..... I thought things were progressing rather too smoothly.  

After spending hours over the hottest weekend of the year so far, making sure that the workroom re-decorating was completed, the old carpet taken up etc, in preparation for the new carpet going down today, as arranged, it transpires that it hadn't been put on the van for delivery to the store today.

To say this is disappointing is putting it mildly.  

OK, so I know that in the Grand Scheme of Things a day is neither here nor there but mentally I'd already started moving the mountain of stuff back into the workroom and liberating the rest of the house.

I will confess to having the teeniest, tiniest wee rant when the store rang to let me know.  They'd promised me faithfully that it would definitely be delivered and fitted today.  Of course, out of the vanload of carpets delivered from the warehouse to the store for fitting today, mine had to be the only one missing.

That was galling enough, but then to be informed that it would DEFINITELY be in tomorrow and they could deliver and fit late afternoon........

Late afternoon.

You could have heard a pin drop.  If I could find a pin, which in the current chaos is unlikely.  And assuming I could find a clear bit of floor on which to drop the aforementioned pin.  Which is even less likely.



After a free and frank exchange of views on the advisability of making an already unhappy customer even more unhappy, the timing was revised to first thing tomorrow morning.


So another day of kicking my heels, unable to get on with anything useful.



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