Thursday, 4 July 2013

Moving along.......

There has been a gratifying flurry of activity in the house.

Yesterday, out of the blue, our new windows and doors arrived and before you could say "Blimey that was quick!" three of the windows were installed upstairs.

Meanwhile, I buckled down and gave each of the 10 cupboard doors their second coat of chalk paint, and the wooden bookshelves their second coat of primer.

Not to mention running up a pretty little shabby chic curtain to screen off an area of open storage.

All in all, not bad for a day's work.

Today I'm going to search for flooring for the workroom, and buy my 'perfect' blue paint for the walls.

The flooring is proving to be a bit of a conundrum.  In theory, I should opt for something hard which would be easiest to clean.  In practice, this wouldn't work for three reasons.

1)  Porcelain doesn't bounce.  It shatters into a billion tiny pieces, especially in its unfired state.  When I drop things (which is often) at least carpet gives me a better than even chance of retrieving them intact.

2) Warmth and comfort underfoot are primary concerns.  Not to mention the sound-muffling properties provided by carpetting.

3) Small Dog definitely prefers carpet under her paws.  Most of the downstairs has hard flooring, and although I love the sound of her pitter-pattering across it, she often skids and spins out when cornering at speed.  In winter she refuses point blank to sit down on it, so we have to put one of her blankys on the floor in the kitchen to prevent her getting a cold bum.

All good, valid reasons to go for carpet.  Except I can't find one I like, so I have to hit all the remaining carpet retailers in a 5 mile radius today in the hope of finding something suitable.

Preferably something which doesn't require the use of a sick bucket.....



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Neen said...

Well, I wouldn't want a "cold bum" either! I'd love love to a photo of your curtained storage area.