Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Am I missing something.....?

Well it's been an interesting 24 hours.

When I embarked on organising my FB friends list yesterday I thought there might be the odd dissenter but as I've been contacting everyone individually to explain what I'm trying to do I didn't think there would any intractable problems.

Out of around 850 friends on my Sandra Morris FB page I estimate that about 75% are miniatures enthusiasts.  I know this because when I get a friend request I check mutual friends, and if most of them are also miniatures people, I assume that they are also part of the miniatures community.

However, of that 75%, I only interact with around 10%..... either by regularly reading their blogs or FB feeds, or by email.  The rest, aside from their initial friend request, I never have any meaningful communication with.

That's fine.  I have no problem with that at all.

However, I do have a FB business page, which is dedicated entirely to what I do every day workwise..... designing and creating miniature toys and dolls.  So to me, it makes perfect sense to invite miniatures friends to migrate to that page, freeing up my personal page for actual friends and family.

To that end I've been meticulously contacting people individually, to explain what I'm doing and why, and directing them to where they can find the stuff they actually might be interested in.

To be fair, most people have been fine.  Loads of people have messaged me thanking me for letting them know, and subsequently 'Liking'  the official Tower House Dolls FB page.  Or if they've said they really, REALLY want to stay on my Sandra Morris page I've reinstated them.

Of course there is a sizeable grey area, in that I have lots of miniatures friends who have become actual friends.  I've known some of them for over 20 years despite the fact we've never met in person.  I'm interested in what's going on in their lives and enjoy the contact with them, however ephemeral. So they can stay put.  I also have friends who are more interested in Small Dog than miniatures and that's fine too.  These people should all know who they are.  So if you haven't received a FB private message from me in the next week or so, you can assume that your not on my cull list.  

However, there have been a few kerfuffles with people who either didn't read my message of explanation, or maybe they're just having a bad day, and being unfriended on FB was the final straw.

I've done my best to smoothe ruffled feathers but the milk of human kindness is beginning to curdle.

Facebook..... you have a lot to answer for.


Michelle said...

I think you've been terribly kind and generous with your time and words to personally contact so many on FB! Many peeps just give a warning on their Timeline and just do it.... (some don't and just cull their friends).

FB is a funny ole place full of peeps who's reactions we can never really guess. So don't worry about it and just what you have to.

I happen to like FB, I only joined in May 2011 and I was totally against it until then, for every reason (no it's far from perfect!). I joined because so many of my miniaturists friends joined and I have friends and family abroad..so it made sense to sign-up. FB can be pretty much what you make it...you can befriend who you want and show what you want to whom you want.

Angst no more! ;o))

Michelle xx

Susan said...

De-cluttering is always a good thing and curdled milk makes wonderful pikelets, so it's a win win situation! Nice people will "get" it, the rest are better GONE!!

Jennifer said...

There is a way to "unfollow" people without unfriending them if that helps. You just go to their page and untick the "follow" button.

It doesn't stop them seeing your posts so your solution is best for you but might be useful info for the future.

Michelle said...

That only works Jennifer if the following icon is on a persons profile page, not everyone has it (so can't unfollow etc) and I don't know why it isn't standard. :o/