Monday, 13 January 2014

To unfriend? Or not to unfriend?. THAT is the question.......

I do like a bit of a tidy up in January.  There's something about the start of a new year which makes me want to take control and get organised.

Fortunately this feeling has usually run its course by the third week in January, but at the moment I'm in still full flow.  I have a whole page of lists of 'stuff to do' involving re-organising around the house and this lust for order is also extending to my life online.

Take my Facebook account for example.  Somehow I seem to have accumulated 840 'friends'.  The vast majority are people I've never met, never spoken to, never emailed, never had any meaningful interaction with whatsoever.  However these people are either fellow miniature artisans and/or collectors, which is how they've become 'friends' in the first place.

In many instances, aside from accepting a friend request, I have no other contact at all.  This doesn't matter much except that my news feed is now bloated with irrelevant stuff in which I have no interest.  Some of it isn't even in English.  As a result I'm finding it increasingly difficult to find posts from people I DO want to be in contact with.... it's like trying to find very small needles in an enormous haystack.

So I'd really like to tidy up my Sandra Morris FB account and have most of these miniatures friends migrate to the official Tower House Dolls FB page, which can be found HERE.

This is where I will resolve to be more diligent about posting things related to miniatures, showcasing new toys, sharing relevant information and generally being more professional and focused.  Links to my miniatures related blog posts will also only be posted on the THD page in future.

However, I don't just want to go friends list on my Sandra Morris account and unfriend people willy nilly.  So I'm sending a personal message to each and every one of the miniatures friends, explaining what I'm doing and where to go for stuff about my miniatures. Hopefully, by 'Liking' the THD page, posts will then come up in their news feeds. 

I've done about 50 so far but it's taken absolutely ages.  When the cull is complete, I will then batten down the hatches on my Sandra Morris account and revert it to actual friends and family only. 

Whether this will work is anyone's guess but I feel the need for a more strictly controlled life/work demarcation and this is the only way I can think of to do it, thanks to FB's draconian rules about changing names of pages etc.

So, if you ever read my blog, email me, follow the exploits of Small Dog, comment on my FB page, private message me, or otherwise communicate directly with me in any way and wish to remain on my friends list, please let me know.

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