Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Fit for purpose.....

Back in September 2011, I wrote a blog post about the lengthy and painstaking process of designing and executing a new miniature kit.  If you're interested you can read it HERE.

This week I'm working on a kit to make a new style of deluxe toy doll's doll, like these.....

To give you a better idea of scale, here is one nestling in my hand......

She is made from porcelain, china-painted, and measures just under 1  3/4" tall.  Despite her diminutive size she has jointed arms and legs.  Although intended as a toy doll for 1/12th scale children, she can also be used as a 1/24th (half scale) child in her own right.

As well as silk underwear and a lacy petticoat, she has vintage lace socks and dainty silk shoes with leather soles.

A closely fitted, tailored silk jacket fits neatly over a pleated silk skirt.  The jacket consist of 7 separate components, (PLUS the elaborate trimmings) and requires careful cutting and fitting.

Finishing touches include a glossy ringlet curl wig and a gathered silk bonnet.

Having been working on the prototypes, I can attest that this kit is best described as 'intermediate' although a confident beginner, with some experience of miniature sewing, should manage just fine.

I'm now at the stage where I'm refining and making final adjustments to the pattern, in advance of setting up for the photography, as each step will have to be photographed for the instruction booklet.

Hopefully, I will have the first finished kits completed early next week, ready for launch at the Thame Fair.

*fingers crossed*

I just love it when a new kit comes together.......

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