Friday, 3 January 2014

End of Days......

What on earth is going on with the weather?

Huge storms, gales, torrential rain, biblical flooding...... it's an apocalyptic end of days scenario right across the country.

And yes, I know it's winter and we are supposed to have bad weather but come on...... this is just ridiculous!

According to the Met Office, we're set to have a sequence of dreadful storms right throughout January.  

So that's something to look forward to then.  

It was pitch black at 3.30 pm this afternoon, at which point we had a spectacular thunderstorm, accompanied by winds which would knock you off your feet and horizontal rain.

By contrast, this morning, although very windy, we had a few hours of clear blue skies, so we decided to walk Small Dog along the promenade, round about high tide at noon.  It certainly was dramatic, and we didn't get at all close to the edge of the sea wall, where waves and spray were crashing up onto the path.  However, despite this, I saw one chap, camera in hand, set off down a set of steps onto the beach, presumably in order to get some spectacular shots.  Had he been swept off the steps by a rogue wave, nobody would have heard his screams for help above the rumble of the boiling sea.

We didn't walk far. 

Small Dog doesn't like tail winds so after a short time we took shelter from the wind in one of the shelters along the seafront and stood watching, transfixed by the sheer power of the massive walls of water crashing down.  Apparently it was still quite tame at midday, and has become much worse since.  We won't even be venturing out at all tomorrow if the forecast is to be believed.

 I suppose I have to start taking down the Christmas decorations this weekend, although it will leave the house feeling so dark and gloomy.  I think there should be January and February decorations, specially designed to cheer during the two most miserable months in the calendar.  I'm sorely tempted to leave the twinkling fireplace garland in situ, and I may succumb to sprinkling some led fairy lights around the house in various locations.

It feels like a very, very long time till Spring........



JS Miniatures Blog said...

I have to agree about Jan & Feb being so gloomy and I too hate to see the Christmas decorations go as at least it brings a bit of fun to winter.

Hopefully Spring isn't too far away!

Lisa T said...

Crazy weather this year (& last) for sure. I don't know what is going on. So sad that Christmas is seemed to come and go so quickly this year.
Hold onto Small Dog :-)

Susan said...

End of Days up your way, hell hot Downunder. 95 degrees F on my back porch at midnight last night - not loving it.