Monday, 6 January 2014

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's back to work we go......

First full working week in prospect since what feels like forever.  I did dabble in the workroom last week, mostly tidying and organising, which feels like work but isn't really.

However, time is pressing in advance of the Thame Fair next month and I need to hit the ground running this week to get a head start on preparations.

January is traditionally the time I do some strategic planning for the year ahead.  It's also the month (along with February) in which I like to work on my own projects, so I'm aiming to set aside some time each day to try to make progress with La Mignonette, which is tantalising close to completion.

This week I'm working on a new deluxe toy doll kit, which should be ready for release later this month.  I'm also developing a new miniature toy theatre, which I hope will be ready in time for Thame.

In other news, we currently have a sale on the website HERE.  

So much to do.... so little time!

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