Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Fair enough.....

It's now Wednesday and I'm still dealing with the aftermath of Saturday's Thame Fair.  In the frantic run up to the fair, the whole house seemed to function as overflow storage for the plethora of stock boxes and bits of exhibition stand.  Since our return on Sunday, we've been busy so I'm only just getting round to properly unpacking.

The fair, though relatively small, stands out as one of the best predominantly artisan fairs in the calendar.  Most of the visitors are serious enthusiasts who have developed a discerning eye for scale and quality, which only comes with years of collecting experience.

We thought that the footfall was down on previous years.  Understandable in light of the recent bad weather and subsequent flooding, which hit the surrounding areas.  On the way to Thame on Friday we passed mile after mile of flooded fields on either side of the road, although fortunately none of the roads themselves had been affected.

As this was our final time at Thame it was lovely to see so many of our website customers in person, as well as meeting a sizeable number of readers of this blog,  ALL of whom enquired after Small Dog.

So this week is all about taking stock, updating the website and taking the opportunity to re-organise the workroom.  I've also got to start thinking about our next fair, which requires zero planning in terms of travel and logistics as it's the online Mini Miniature Show which will run from 20-23rd March.

Which means I can do it in my pyjamas if the fancy takes me.