Sunday, 16 February 2014

Sunny Sunday.... shock, horror!

In the absence of howling gales and driving rain we three had a lovely walk along the seafront earlier.

It wasn't too blowy, and in the shelter of a beachfront cabin, with the sun shining, it felt positively balmy.  Perhaps not balmy enough to emulate one family, who were having a full blown picnic on the beach, or one of the beach hut owners, who had set up a charcoal BBQ on their deck.  UK coastal dwellers are obviously made of stern stuff, to even think of doing something like that in mid-February, especially after the weather we've had lately.

We also spent some time watching another family whose springer spaniel had found a dead seagull on the beach and was determined: 

A) Not to let them catch him
B) Under no circumstances to relinquish the seagull.

After chasing him up and down the beach for a while, they did finally manage to catch him and put him on his lead, but no end of gentle persuasion or angry words would convince him to drop his prize.  So eventually they gave up and all set off along the seafront, the dog stepping proudly out with the seagull dangling from his jaws.  The mum and two young boys were trying to appear nonchalant but I could tell that she was mortified, especially as everyone they passed turned to stare, probably thinking "I wonder why they don't take that poor seagull away from that dog".

We passed them several times, the woman looking increasingly desperate, presumably hoping that the dog would eventually tire (it was a VERY big seagull and not a very big dog) and drop it.  I have visions of that dog taking its find to bed with it tonight.  It did seem very determined to keep hold of it.

So anyway.

The sun did shine today, and to prove it here's a photo of Small Dog looking rather

dapper in her new coat (just in case it rained) with HER SHADOW there for all to see.

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DollMum said...

isn't it wonderful when the sun shines at the seaside!
Small dog does look very important in her new coat.
The story of the dog and the seagull is so funny, thanks for sharing it.