Saturday, 27 January 2018

Bits Drawer of Doom......

Following a bitty, fragmented week, during which I failed to achieve anything productive workwise, I hit Saturday morning at a run, aiming to blitz downstairs.

It was all going swimmingly, until I tried to put some small things away in our 'bits' drawer.

Now, let's be honest here..... EVERYBODY has a bits drawer.  We have at least five.  They provide a home for all those miscellaneous bits and bobs, which don't have a natural home elsewhere.

The bits drawers in question this morning are in a cupboard in the dining room.  In no particular order I cleared out

  • Eleventy hundred 'mostly used' tealights
  • 10 year old birthday poppers (I had a 'bit of a do' for my 50th... *ahem*)
  • Assorted ancient balloons (see above)
  • A bit of old chain 
  • Assorted screws (every bits drawer on the plant contains assorted screws.  I think it must be the law)
  • An old key on a broken keyring (see above)
  • 3 very old Christmas candy canes which had disintegrated into a sticky mess
  • Assorted mis-matched birthday cake candles, some half burnt.
  • Happy 50th birthday banner (won't be needing THAT again any time soon)
  • Playing cards, trivia game, quiz sheets etc
  • Tubes of bubbles
  • Party streamers
  • Assorted table confetti lying loose in the base of the drawer
  • Glow in the dark sticks.
  • No end of candles, but none of them matching
  • Plastic spoons
  • 2 dried up felt tip pens
  • Rusty tacks
  • Various unidentifiable bits of metal/plastic/wood - absolutely no idea what they're for or where they came from.
I should perhaps point out that the drawers in question are really quite small, but as I could hardly get them open because of all the stuff crammed inside, I couldn't simply force another few things in and hope for the best.  It took the best part of an hour to go through them, turf out the junk, reorganise and pack away the rest, but I successfully liberated approximately 75% of the available space in both of them.

I wonder how long it will be before they start filling up again.

Feeling buoyed by my success I briefly toyed with the idea of tackling the ones in the kitchen, but fortunately my sanity gene kicked in and I wisely decided to leave those for another day.


Megan Wallace said...

My mother always said it's no use trying to have an ornamental bowl or vase standing around when there are kids in the house. Next time you look, there will be a marble, a copper coin, half a crayon and a paperclip in there. Sounds like your drawers have the same kind of magnetism.

Sandra Morris said...

They're more of a black hole vortex for junk..... I think it breeds in them!