Friday, 5 January 2018

Tipping the balance......


Today was all about de-Christmasfying the house and packing away all the decorations.  I've left several strings of pretty white fairy lights in situ here and there in order to leaven the January gloom but even so the sitting room, dining room and staircase look very bare, apart from a light dusting of glitter which escaped the hoover earlier.

This weekend, we'll be continuing in a similar vein, clearing out and decluttering the last spare bedroom, following the sale and departure of my lovely desk and filing cabinets over the past week.  There still seems to be a lot of superfluous 'stuff' in there, but we're going to tackle it all methodically and I anticipate at least two trips to the recycling facility over the weekend, as well as lots of things posted on Freegle.

All being well, we'll then be in a position to redecorate.... paint the walls, new curtains etc and reinstate it as a guest bedroom, rather than a storage facility.

Also on the To Do list is completing minor makeovers in the bathroom and dining room, which with fair winds and following seas should be completed by the end of February, at which point the house should be 'market ready' in time for spring.

Well that's the I am wont to say, what could possibly go wrong?

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