Monday, 29 January 2018

More bits and a new kit.....!

Following on from my last post, the room in our house which is home to the widest ranging collection of bits is the workroom.

I probably shouldn't call them 'bits'.  Strictly speaking, they're components for making a wide range of miniature toys and kits.

But whatever they're called, I have boxes and boxes and boxes of them....!

So, as part of my downsizing exercise, I'm working my way through each and every box, organising, rationalising.... deciding what to keep and what to sell.

It's all taking longer than I had anticipated, as I tend to get sidetracked by stuff I didn't even know I had!

This past week I've been sorting through my Prams & Pullalongs Bits Box, which contains all the bits and pieces needed to create wicker toy prams and carts, and the wheeled platforms for my menagerie pullalong toys.

So, for one last time, I've revisited the instructions for a lovely child's scroll front wicker toy pram kit which I designed several years ago.  After several days of painstakingly drilling tiny holes in the pram base, carefully cutting dozens of wires to length and measuring out metres and metres of waxed thread, I've compiled a limited number of toy pram kits, which are now available to purchase in the Discontinued Kits section of the website.... HERE.

There is also a Special Offer of £5.00 off a pram kit and toy baby doll.... available HERE
The Special Offer pack also includes a FREE instruction booklet on dressing the baby doll.

Finished scroll front toy pram

My tiny 1" toy baby doll fits perfectly!

Completed pram kit, decorated with lace and fancy trimmings (not included)


Megan Wallace said...

Ooh, I love those wheels!

Elizabeth S said...

Your dolly prams are adorable!

Sandra Morris said...

Thanks! :)