Monday, 29 January 2018

Last few toy theatre cart kits now available......!

In the deepest reaches of one of the most inaccessible cupboards in my workroom, in a cardboard box right at the back, I found the last few toy theatre cart kits, which formed the basis of my Little Red Riding Hood workshop kit a few years ago.

Let your imagination run riot with this ingeniously engineered,  easy to assemble, laser cut toy theatre cart kit.

These were designed exclusively for me and are not available elsewhere.

The kit contains all the components to make a wooden 1/12 scale theatre cart on wheels, complete with fully illustrated, step-by-step instructions. 

The cart has two opening doors in the front, and the roof is also removable for easy access to the interior. It runs on four wheels, and has a steerable front axle with pull handle. There are a number of slots inside the top of the cart to allow for layers of  scenery, stage curtains etc, which can be changed to suit individual scenes.

I had it specially designed to contain changeable toy theatre scenery and characters, but it could equally be used as a toy market stall, or to display a variety of different miniatures.

These photos show how the cart might be decorated.  It could be  painted, gilded, wood-stained or covered with miniature wallpaper or vintage illustrations... the only limit is your imagination! 

Painted and vintage theatre illustrations added. Please note that no illustrations or contents are included with the kit.

The doors open to reveal the spacious interior....

You can add changeable scenery and characters

Cart decorated for a circus theme

Interior of circus-themed cart

When finished the cart measures: 
 4" high, 2  1/4" wide, 1  1/2" deep.

Please note that no illustrations, decorations or contents are included with the kit.

This kit is available now on the website.... HERE 

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