Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Firing tonight...........

In a valiant effort to catch up with a shedload of outstanding work-related tasks, most notably the club workshop in three weeks time for which I have to prepare 25 workshop packs, plus teaching plan etc, I have been hard at it the past few days.

Since the weekend I have accomplished a bisque firing, and the first china paint firing, and today, all being well, I will get the second paint firing completed too.

It's obviously preying on my subconscious mind as I had an awful dream last night in which I had a brand new kiln........absolutely enormous and housed in a newly built studio in the garden.
Despite a complete lack of operating instructions, I loaded all the tiny wee workshop dolls plus dozens of their arms and legs into the kiln and set it to fire, guessing the ramp and soak times/temperatures.

After just a few minutes I noticed smoke coming from the back then flames, which quickly spread throughout the studio and caused a huge amount of damage. All of treasured reference books, tools, materials, gorgeous silks antique ribbons and lace, were burnt to ashes.

Then there was someone with a clipboard (presumably an insurance assessor) trying to blame me for the blaze, while I was adamant there was an electrical fault with the kiln.
When he opened the kiln door, all the tiny toy dolls were undamaged and still in their unfired greenware state. So everything outside the kiln was 'fired' but nothing inside the kiln.

Not sure what all that says about my perilous mental state except 'WOWSER!'


Sans said...

I was reading your post backwards (must be scrolling down to see that pic) and was gonna ask you how you coping now with your place being burned down!!!!

tattyhousehastings said...

Oh yes, that does mean you've lost it...and possibly that you have a little too much on. I prescribe a large glass of wine in front of the telly. And a less scary lady picture - I know I had some wine last night, but really...

Sandra Morris said...

Sans, my workroom often looks as though it's been burgled but thankfully not burnt to a cinder.

Bev, yes.
Yes, you're right. A large glass of wine is just what the doctor ordered.