Thursday, 26 March 2009

Invoice blues............

The displacement goblins have me firmly in their thrall this morning.

This is generally the case when I have 'paperwork' to deal with, but this morning I've been preparing invoices so I am more predisposed than normal to their wiles.

Thus far I have spent almost 2 hours in spurious 'research' on Google, plus had a desultory attempt at cleaning out my email inbox, with mixed success.

My inbox currently contains 1179 emails, which might not sound like a lot, until I confess that as well as my generic inbox, I also have another 40 email folders which receive messages filtered directly into them according to type, such as PayPal receipts, website orders, household finances, utilities etc etc. Each of those is also bulging at the seams. Trying to keep them pared down to manageable proportions is like trying to hold back the tide with a spoon.

Although nowhere near as much fun.

Which only goes to show how not much fun I find preparing invoices, if wading through redundant emails is a preferable activity.

I could almost be drawn to tackle the mountain of ironing upstairs, or clean the hob extractor fan filter........both tasks of equal unenjoyability (is that a word?).

However, preparing invoices is as nothing compared to the other task which awaits me in the workroom, and which I have been successfully avoiding all this week.

That is, prep for the club workshop in 9 days time. I am singularly uninspired, which is worrying this close to the event. I am sure that my malaise will disappear if I could just muster the enthusiasm to buckle down and get stuck in. But my muse has buggered off and I feel singularly lacklustre and generally a bit bleeaaaah.

Which is why the displacement goblins have been so successful in their attempts to lure me away from diligent duties and enticing me to trawl through a variety of innocent amusements and distractions.

I rest my case..........

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Debbie said...

Doesn't take much for the displacement goblins to lure me away either. Loving the picture.. LOL