Sunday, 22 March 2009


Mother's Day today.

Made slightly more poignant by the fact that Jade Goody died early this morning and her two young sons will forever more remember that their mummy died on Mother's Day.

My mum died when I was young, so I do feel an affinity with others who lost that most important person early in their lives.

PP and I were expecting her daughter and partner to come and cook lunch for us.....but they brought an extra surprise in the form of other son, who also contributed to a delicious lunch with delishus wine *hic*.

During today, I've had my Ipod on shuffle, so a random selection of 'important' songs, recalling people, times and experiences which are especially relevant........ and a few minutes ago, this came on, which brought both PP and I up short.

This time last year, we were reeling from the death of a close friend of PP, who also died tragically young, an untimely and cruel demise from cancer in St Michael's Hospice, St Leonards.

This song was one of her favourites .........and it is one of mine too.

A year ago, just before Christmas, we saw Horse in Brighton, and before she performed, she shared her experience of being with her mother, just before her death, and of singing this song to her at her bedside.......

So there is a tenuous, if very sad, link here.....

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