Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Going clubbing.........

Back in the summer last year, I was approached to do a workshop for the club I founded 20 years ago, Kent Miniaturists. I used to do loads of club workshops back in the day, but in recent years, partly due to my geographical position on the very edge of the south coast of England, which usually means a lengthy trek to get anywhere, and partly because I've been concentrating on other things, I've only done a handful, and and those have been for clubs with which I have a personal link.

So to be invited to do a workshop for my 'old' club was a real buzz. A date was chosen and I duly provided two different workshop options for the members to choose from.

Time passed.

Back at the beginning of the year I did give a fleeting thought to the workshop, and wondered briefly why I hadn't heard from the club with further details, but then PP was hospitalised and everything work-related was put firmly on the back burner.

More time passed.

Last weekend, glancing through my work diary for the next few months, I happened upon the date for the workshop, 4 April, and was hit by the sudden realisation that this was now NEXT MONTH!

Cue a flurry of phone calls to try to find out what I am supposed to be doing. Apparently several different people on the committee all thought that somebody else had been in contact with me, but due to a breakdown in communication, in fact, nobody had.

No matter.

I'm sure that from a standing start I'll easily be able to prepare 24 kits to make a tiny vintage Victorian bride doll.

IF....... I start casting the dolls today and order the materials I need from the US today, and they have the vintage lace I need in stock, and can get it to me quickly, and I can design and create the prototype then refine it to make it simpler for 24 people of varying skill, and prepare my teaching plan, and work up a set of completely foolproof step-by-step instructions complete with photos........

Yes, I'm sure it will all be fine.

I have complete confidence.


In other news, welcome to two new followers, Tallulah-Belle, a rather talented miniature sculptor from sunny southern California, and Karin who lives on the shores of Orr Lake in Ontario, Canada.

It's gratifying to see that my map of blog readers, which was wiped clean on 22 February has sprouted a new rash of little red dots. Apparently this new start happens annually. to "avoid maps becoming a red smear......."

So, enough displacement activity.......I must go and prepare to do casting. I may be gone for some time.............


Debbie said...

I've now got visions of you having a Knees Up! LOL

Richard de pesando MA(RCA) said...

I just found out today that I start teaching a ten week evening class on wednesday - someone forgot to confirm the booking and didn't send me the contract, but enrolled all the students...must write course program very quickly.