Sunday, 1 March 2009


Small dog is most disgruntled.

Today was designated as the first of her bi-annual haircuts, so we tried to lull her into a false sense of security by wearing her out with a walk along the seafront on the beach.

This achieved naught except to wear US out, and small dog returned home as chipper as before. However at the sight of an old sheet being spread out on the table, plus the retrieval from her 'accoutrements basket' of her comb and scissors, she beat a hasty retreat.

Some time later, we finally unearthed her from under the fleecy throw on the sofa and attempted to convince her of the necessity for a trim.........what with her bearing an uncanny resemblance to Fu Manchu and all.

Note the extremely distrusting position of her ears as we prepare to give her a doggy makeover.

Some time later, she emerged from her haircut, followed by a wash and brush up, in a thoroughly bad mood, which wasn't improved as we fell about laughing at her 'pared down' coiffure.

She has hardly spoken to us all evening.

Her dinner has gone cold and uneaten and she has disdained our contrite offers of a warm and cosy lap to snuggle down on.

Going by past experience, she can keep this up for some considerable time......


rosanna said...

You must understand her. Would you like to be shaven and washed and brushed by two HUGE brutes? I suuppose that is what she thought of you tonight! Anyway she is very good looking with her new haircut. Mini hugs

Debbie said...

Oh Bless her. I also used to have a Miniature Yorkshire and she was the same. They certainly let you know when they are not amazed...