Sunday, 31 May 2009

Artisan of the month........

I'm probably well overdue on my supposedly weekly artisan blog submissions, but this caught my eye during a recent mooch around the blogosphere.

As a student of all aspects of historical costume, shoes are one of my favourite articles of clothing.

Also if William de Wyke does ever manage to enlist the help of a band of friendly elves, I'm first in the queue for any spare elves and will even pay their airfare from New Zealand.

And if they could bring a pair of these in red leather with them I'd be very happy.........!

EDIT: Don't know what I was thinking with a weekly artisan spot.........if I move it to monthly I'll have more chance of keeping it up. And this one just sneakily snuck in to May. Woohoo!


Sans said...

Will you really wear a red pair of that? lol

Sandra Morris said...

I just LOVE red shoes......these in a dark red leather with navy straps would look great with jeans.