Friday, 8 May 2009

Move along.....nothing to see here

I feel completely and utterly bleaaaah........

And am painfully aware that all this week I've been moaning and whingeing about work and weather and all sorts.

But, to be fair, this week has been complete pants. And you don't know the half of it.

Plus it's Friday and we have absolutely nothing to look forward to this weekend, except more soft cleaning sessions (someone just shoot me in the head RIGHT NOW) enlivened only marginally by some gardening, which seeing as how we're not intending staying here feels like a complete waste of time and energy.

So I'm feeling fed up and tetchy

There's only one thing for it..........


Sans said...

Thank you Sandra, the chocolates are yummy ;p

Joyce said...

Poor you. You have had weekends away since Easter and now everything will seem to have fallen flat. Your proposed new life takes time to organise rather than just a case of - we have decided we are going to do it so let's do it NOW.

You have had worries with PP and not felt great yourself.

Then last week you had to work your pants off so I can well understand how you feel.

Just remember you have plans in place and before you know it they will all be falling beautifully into place.

Just weather the next couple of months and I am sure you will get a new lease of life.


Sandra Morris said...

Thanks for the words of wisdom :-)

Yes, we're working to a 1 Year Plan, the first phase of which started today...... watch this space.