Thursday, 7 May 2009

Casting off........

I feel as if I've been casting FOR EVER!

Finally, at around 3pm this afternoon, after another mammoth casting session, I had done enough to fill all three shelves in the kiln, which is now firing as I type. Of course my delight at having completed the casting is tempered by the knowledge that I now have 3, possibly 4 days of the dreaded soft-cleaning in front of me, before I can re-load the kiln and fire to bisque.

So no chance for my desiccated, prune-like hands to recover before they'll be steeped in lukewarm water for hours at a stretch.........

It's at times like this that I long to put our fledgling 'plan' into force, although it currently has logistical gaps you could drive a horse and four through.

So in the absence of anything more cheering, I am trying to look forward to my trip to the Kensington Dollshouse Festival next Friday. I've got my ticket and everything.....very exciting.
Last year I was a showcase exhibitor, and also ran two days of workshops. On the Friday I was able to have a quick scoot round after the workshop finished, but I didn't have much time so it was very rushed.

I haven't been to Kensington (or any other fair for that matter) as a visitor for many, many years. I'm usually exhibiting, which doesn't leave much time to wander around if I'm on my own with no-one to mind the stand. So I'm really, REALLY looking forward to having a leisurely stroll around on Friday, which is a 'limited numbers' day, so hopefully there shouldn't be zillions of people all pushing and milling around, jostling me and treading on my feet.

I've printed out the floor plans and will spend some time over the next week, browsing the exhibitor listings online to plan my route around the various halls so I don't miss anything. I have a few mini projects in mind for which I will have an extensive shopping list.

So acts of god and swine flu permitting, I will be having a 'busman's holiday' next Friday.

Can't wait...........


Debbie said...

Sandra I hope you have a wonderful time at Kensington. Don't forget we want to see pictures of your purchases..

rosanna said...

How do I envy you! last year I had to go to London for the fair. Everythig was settled down: we had to get the plane in Genoa at 1.20pm and be in London at Sat afternoon. Have a leisurely stroll in Kensington where a friend would host us and finally on sunday morning we had to be the first ones to enter the fair. All set and ready but....We didn't count wind ! There was so much wind that the flight was cancelled along with those of all day. We could have changed with a Sunday flight but what for? the fair closes at 16.30. In short, no fair! and this year I cannot come. I should have cried.