Friday, 22 May 2009

KDF update..........

I've just found out about this article on KDF in yesterday's Times Online.

Not sure about the comment in the editorial about there being no washing up in collector's doll's houses. The scullery in my Scottish Baronial Mansion had a sink (with working water pump!) full of dirty dishes, and piles more of them waiting on the draining board.

For me, yes, it's all about perfection, and yes, I do agree with the element of control, but I like my perfection to have an edge of realism, hence the dirty dishes, cobwebs in the corners, scuffed furniture, well worn upholstery etc, which I struggled to achieve in miniature.

Nevertheless, an interesting little article and video........Terry Neville's little books are indeed a marvel, and I have several in my Toy Shop, including a Rupert annual.

Sadly, I have never owned a Hodgson piece.........although I have admired his work forever. Had to suppress a smile at his comment about collectors being like 'children with money'. Oh to have enough disposable income to be able to spend £500 on a Dutch tea caddy, secret drawer or not!

As I was sitting up in the viewing gallery last Friday, eating my packed lunch, a lady behind me was talking to her friend on her mobile phone. Here's a snatch of the overheard conversation....

"Yes, well, I'm having a rest, but I did manage to pick up the table I wanted for the dining room. But listen, the chairs are £130.


Long pause as she listened to her friend's reactions

"Oh yes I agree. I'll kick myself later if I don't get them, but I've already spent (drops voice to whisper so I missed the presumably outrageous sum).......!"

Pause for friend's reaction.

"Well if you think I should then I'll go back to the stand right now and get them. See you later."

In all probability the 'friend' was also somewhere in the hall, also spending lots and lots of money but taking time out to offer moral support for her wavering friend.

After all, isn't that what friends are for...........?


Debbie said...

If only I was like your previous post an accidental millionaire. Wouldn't it be lovely just to go to Kensington and spend, spend, spend and not have to worry about the bank balance at the end of it. Best I buy a lottery ticket...Well I can dream x

Joyce said...

Do you have pictures of your baronian Mansion that you can show us, please?

I did buy one of two little bits and pieces when you broke it up. One that springs to mind is the Deerstalker which I love.

If you have pictures of it before you split it and sold up I, for one, would love to see it and I am sure others would too.


Sandra Morris said...

I do have photos somewhere Joyce...I'll have a search for them next week :-)