Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Nose-grindstone, grindstone-nose....

Back at work today after yet another 3 day weekend, following hot on the heels of my 3 day birthday weekend two weeks ago. I think I might be suffering from camping overload!

However, our new dongle was thoroughly road-tested and works amazingly well. It took a little while to set up the new account online but once that was done we were off. Surfed for almost 2 hours at a cost of only 30p which is incredible value. OK we weren't downloading anything, just a few dozen emails, checking out the weather forecast and seeing how it all worked, but even so, we are mightily impressed.

Friday and Saturday were scorchio weatherwise, Sunday less so. Newly exfoliated and deforested legs were exposed to the elements and thankfully elicited no untoward comments from fellow campers, much to my relief.

We walked, read, generally messed about with assorted camping duties and BBQ'd every evening sitting out in our little awning tent till late, with candles flickering, enjoying the outdoor ambiance. So all in all, not a bad Bank Holiday Weekend break and only 2 1/2 weeks till the next one!

Today though it's been back to reality. Orders to process, email enquiries to deal with and drawing up my work to do list for the remainder of the week. I must get my act together and get some serious work done, especially on the website, which has been thoroughly cleared out and is now ready for its re-organisation.
Not to mention finishing the current batch of casting ready to soft-fire, and buckling down to re-stocking and creative endeavours.

All play and no work makes Sandra as poor as a church mouse........

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the successful test drive of your dongle... perfect for your biweekly camping jaunts :-) Now that's the good life, sun, scenery, good food, wine and a dongle. It doesn't get much better than that :-)
They don't call them dongles here in Canada, but we do have them... now I know what they are. I've wondered how they work and if they work so it's good to know they are a worthwhile investment. The cost for use seems very reasonable and I do like the UK "pay for use" system. We don't have much of that here... everything comes packaged in various plans and if you don't fit exactly into the features of the "plan" you choose you end up paying for things you don't need. The dongle they have here is a once a month, unlimited use for $30 which I suppose is fair if you use it for lots of on the road use, but pricey if you don't.
Many more happy dongleing days :-)