Friday, 18 December 2009

The Big Freeze.........

Woke this morning to an inch or so of snow and not a frozen wasteland resembling the Siberian Steppes we were warned to expect. Roads were completely clear so we had no problem at all getting back home which was mildly disappointing.

All remaining orders have subsequently been packaged and despatched and I'm now feeling too tired to do anything very much, although there are still two bedrooms to be cleaned and beds made up. Think I'll leave that till tomorrow when I'll hopefully feel a bit more energetic.

More snow forecast for later today though so we need to root around in the shed to dig out the de-icer/car windscreen shield/icy scrapy things. Also need to salt the front drive which was like a skating rink when we got home this morning. Ditto back steps which are a broken hip waiting to happen.

Small Dog was unimpressed by the snow as she suffers from cold paws. V. amusing watching her trying to walk without letting any of her paws come in contact with the ground. She is now snuggled up in her basket catching up on her sleeps and I just might join her shortly.

On the sofa though. NOT in her basket.

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julie campbell said...

Lol at small dog and her cold feet :0) our sadly missed wee westie used to just bounce in the snow, so funny to watch, then she would come in with legs 4 times their usual size packed tight with snow !
enjoy your xmas break,
julie xxx