Friday, 4 December 2009

We're in the dark.............

We have had no downstairs ceiling lights for the past three days.

We've tried checking all the bulbs one by one but when I flick the trip switch on, it immediately trips back off with a flash and a loud, unnerving bang.

The earliest our electrician can come round is Sunday morning so in the meantime we've been struggling along using table and desk lamps, as the ring main/wall sockets are working OK.

Work has been pretty much out of the question as the workroom is like the black hole of Calcutta without an overhead light.

In the end, we were so fed up that we decided to bail out of the house for the past few days, and instead set off for an impromptu camping trip with friends which was all the more enjoyable for being unplanned and 'last-minute'.

However, we're back in the Stygian gloom again now though, and the house feels very cold, unwelcoming and dismal. It's sobering to realise how much we take for granted, flicking a switch for instant illumination. It's also amazing how the lack of overhead lighting cannot be adequately substituted for by low-level lighting.

We're not even going to attempt cooking tonight and instead will be ordering in a takeaway.

Roll on Sunday when hopefully light will be restored to the darkest recesses of the house......

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the squiggles have done their work.

Did you get rid of them by the way, or do you think they have been eating the wiring.