Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Every little helps........

This must be the bargain of the year........

We've just bought a dozen bottles of one of our very favourite gorgeous New Zealand Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc wine and only paid £2.10.

That's TWO POUNDS AND 10 PENCE for the dozen!

At the normal price of £8.99 a bottle it's a bit pricey for us, especially as the total for 12 bottles would have been an eye-watering £107.88.

However they're on special offer in Tesco at the moment - 3 for £10.
Subtract a further 5% wine discount on 6 or more bottles and the total saving in-store is an unbelievable £73.28.

So our 12 bottles, would have cost £34.60. Still a bargain I think you'll agree. However we had a £10 off wine voucher, plus a further £22.50 of cash vouchers purely for collecting Tesco Clubcard points on all our regular shopping, so the total amount I had to pay at the till was a princely £2.10.

Even the checkout girl couldn't believe it and the news swept back through the queue like a tsunami as people abandoned their shopping to dash down to the wine aisle to see if there were any bottles left.

So that's our Christmas tipples sorted then.

I shall be famine and drought resistant.

Woo, and indeed, hoo.........


Michelle's Mad World said...

Gosh what a fab bargin you got!!! Dontcha love a bargin like that...makes the treat even better! ;o)

Michelle :o)

Sandra Morris said...


Yes it was.

I am sooo chuffed.

Linda Carswell said...

I love NZ 'sav blanc'....Think of me when you knock the top off the first bottle!


depesando said...

events like that enter popular mythology - you will be whispered about in the dark corners of St Leonards for years to come, like the man who broke the bank in Monte Carlo, or the night they raided Minsky's - The Great Silverhill Sauvignon Swipe!!! well done.

Sandra Morris said...

Richard, yes, I expect my heist has achieved urban myth status already.

Tesco bigwigs are probably knocking minion's heads together as their profits plummet.

Sometimes, just sometimes, the little guy has to triumph over the corporate giant.....

Linda, worry not, I will raise a deliciously chilled toast to you when we crack open a bottle of our ill-gotten gains.