Saturday, 12 December 2009


.....was not such a good day.

It started off well enough.

Swine flu vaccination first thing in the morning, no problem.

Back home I got the last of the pre-Christmas orders packaged and set off to the Post Office, anticipating a huge long queue. However I was able to walk straight up to the teller's window and quickly dealt with two bagfuls of boxes which were despatched to destinations worldwide.

So far so good.

Back home again and the traditional foraging in the small loft to find the Christmas Decorations. I started decorating at 1pm and finally finished at 5.30, exhausted and starting to feel a bit 'odd'.

PP prepared an absolutely delicious mini Christmas dinner in honour of the festive decorations, after which even Small Dog had to take a bone out of her stays.

By 8pm I was most definitely feeling ropey, so I retired to bed where I tossed and turned, alternately too hot then too cold, aching all over, headache, mild hallucinations......feeling as if I was actually coming down with flu. Hardly slept all night so feeling less than human today, although the worst of the pain has thankfully subsided.

So I'm going to have a supremely lazy day, snuggled on the sofa with Small Dog, watching old films. There's a Margaret Rutherford Miss Marple on shortly so that'll do me.

At least the sitting room looks all festive and to follow when I'm a bit less lurgiefied, including Small Dog's personal Christmas card to all her loyal followers.

Bet you can't wait!


Eva said...

Hope you get well soon :)

Debie Lyons said...

Get well soon Sandra and take it easy xxx

dale said...

Feel better, soon!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had the same reaction as my friend did when she got hers.

Good news is that with her it only lasted 24 hours so you should be fighting fit again tomorrow.

I hope so anyway.


Richard de pesando MA(RCA) said...

very good Marple - did you see Francesca Annis!!! she must have been about 12!!!

Sandra Morris said...

Thanks everyone!

Spent all day watching old films and 'recuperating'
Had seen 'The Shootist' before but never really watched it properly as John Wayne wasn't my cup of tea, but I really enjoyed it. Especially as it had the bonus of Lauren Bacall and James Stewart.

More of the same today methinks...