Sunday, 20 December 2009

What did I just say..........?


Plans have been changed yet again.

Prodigal Son is not now coming for Christmas after all but may put in an impromptu visit 'sometime this week'.


In other news, our road is like a skating rink. On our way home today the car in front of us was really struggling to get up the hill, slipping and sliding all over the place. People had come out of their houses to help and advise.

Primarily the advice seemed to consist of "don't you dare hit my *car/van!" (*delete as appropriate)

Eventually, when three of us were stuck partway up the hill and couldn't get any traction at all, someone from the top of the hill came down in his 4-wheel drive Range Rover Discovery with a bag of sand, which he kindly scattered all over the black ice. By this point, the car in front of us had chickened out and managed to reverse into a side road, leaving us to act as reconnaissance guinea pigs on the newly sanded ice.

Thankfully we managed to reach the top safely, and tucked our car neatly off the road to avoid it acting as a 'brake' to cars skidding down.

Tomorrow, IF we can get down the road again, we intend to go and get a bag of sand to keep in the car for emergencies. As well as salt for our drive, paths and outside steps, all of which are treacherous in the extreme.

But for now I'm going to go and snuggle up cosily with Small Dog in front of the TV.

Sounds like a plan...

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