Thursday, 10 December 2009

Today has been...........

.........a good day.

  • Got all but three of our outstanding pre-Christmas orders packaged and ready to go.
  • Remaining orders will ready to package and despatch first thing tomorrow morning.
  • Pavilion kit arrived
  • Have found excellent stone finish spray on interweb (will probably opt for 'Gotham City' grey)
  • Ditto verdigris kit for copper roof.
  • Did a bit of Christmas shopping
  • Cooked lovely dinner while watching 'The Simpsons'
PP and I have very differing views on The Simpsons.

I love it, she hates it.


Tonight's episode was Lisa's Pony, and even though it's not in my top 10 favourite ever episodes, it still made me laugh. And let's be honest here, how many 'cartoons' would feature use of the words 'usury' and 'chicanery'.

I rest my case.

Tomorrow may not be such a good day. First thing in the morning I have my swine flu vaccination which I'm not looking forward to. Not the jab itself but the potential grotty ill effects afterwards.

However, things should look up in the afternoon as I shall be decorating our Christmas tree and making the house look cosy and festive. We've even planned to have a mini Christmas dinner in the evening, in honour of which, Small Dog will wear her festive collar.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...........


Michelle's Mad World said...

Sandra, do you have the link for the stone effect spray paint? I want to make some stairs look like stone....I'd like to experiment before I decide what look/technique I want to use. :o)

I hope the jab goes okay. Some people are fine, I wasn't, but then again I'm the type of person that will get every side effect going and my body will invent a few more! lol ;o)

Michelle :o)

Sandra Morris said...

It's a spray paint made by Plasti-Kote. Here's the ebay link

I felt fine after my swine flu jab but a few hours ago I began to feel really achy with electricky pains so I'm going to have an early night and hope I feel better tomorrow.