Monday, 28 December 2009

Winter displacement activity......

I've suddenly remembered that the Winter Olympics will be held in 2010.

A quick google has revealed that they will take place in and around Vancouver, which as we are 8 hours ahead will make watching most live events a nocturnal exercise.

No matter.

I like watching winter sports so I'm wondering if I can set up a portable TV in the workroom to keep an eye on while I work as there will no doubt be wall-to-wall coverage during the day.

They run from 13 through to 28 February, so in conjunction with my SAD lamp I now have the perfect antidote to the winter blues.

Edit: just been browsing the alpine skiing portion of the website and THIS rather puts our paltry couple of inches of snow last week into perspective.......

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Karin F. said...

everything is relevant!
Whistler is one of the great ski areas in Canada so it stands to reason that they can handle it better than where you live in the UK.
Alberta, one province east of British Columbia (where Whistler is located) had temperatures as low as -54C for about a week last month.