Friday, 23 September 2011

Butterfly brain.......

I've spent a lot of time today flitting from one task to another then back again.  This is despite having a comprehensive 'to do' list in front of me, some of which is time sensitive, which would usually help to focus my attention.  However for some reason I'm incapable of concentrating on any one thing for longer than a few minutes.

This is undoubtedly a Bad Thing.

I'm hoping that as I have to work through the weekend (having had two days off this week) this butterfly brain thing will sort itself out quick smart, otherwise I'll start the week on Monday way behind.

In other news it's been a really lovely day today.  Warm and sunny with only a light breeze.  This is in stark contrast to earlier this week when we stoically caravanned in a raging gale accompanied by tempestuous rain.


In other, other news we're having friends round this evening so I've been concocting a (hopefully) delishus boeuf bourguignon with horseradish dumplings, while PP is busily creating equally delishus Boulangere potatoes with rosemary.  

Meanwhile, Small Dog is wandering round with a hopeful expression in response to the tempting aromas tantalising her taste buds and insists on getting under my feet while I try to wash up after having used EVERY pot, pan and dish and bowl in the kitchen.

Hopefully order will soon be restored and we'll have time to slip into something fetching before dinner.

As if.......

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