Thursday, 1 September 2011

Times winged chariot.....

I just heard on the radio that yesterday marked the last day of summer.  Therefore it logically follows that today must be the first day of autumn.

No surprise there.  There's been a very definite autumnal tinge to the air lately and lots of trees are now starting to turn.

That said, this morning the sun is shining and going towards the weekend temperatures are set to rise again so we may experience an Indian summer after all.

I forgot to mention that two weeks ago, in our local Tesco, I spotted the first Christmas promotion for tins of sweets.  


Who in their right mind would be out shopping, in shorts and sandals, for BBQ fare, and think "Good grief.... is that the time already?  I must start buying in Christmas stuff NOW!"

There's still the Halloween madness to come so quite how Tesco squares their seasonal promotions defies logic.

Although I'm a fine one to talk, having been in full Christmas mode workwise since late June.  However this is from necessity, as if I didn't start that early, the long lead time involved in creating tiny toys would mean that my Christmas miniatures wouldn't be ready till next summer.

In any case, I'll be trailing some new projects shortly, for release in the run-up to the festive period, which for me will start at a much more seasonally adjusted point in early November.

Ho Ho Ho.....only 113 days to go!

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Martin Lower said...

When I become Prime Minister, I'm going to introduce a law forbidding any Christmas displays before the first of November.
My grandmother used to be all her Christmas cards in January, as they were usually reduced by then. Unfortunately, by the time she came to use them, she'd forgotten where she'd put them.....
Bah humbug.