Monday, 26 September 2011

Monday, Monday.......

A gratifyingly grey, dismal Monday morning, after a gloriously sunny weekend during which I didn't get nearly enough of my to do list cleared.  However I did manage to load the kiln with several weeks worth of greenware in order to do a soft-firing, although I haven't yet  mustered either the energy or enthusiasm to unload the soft-fired ware yet.

I really must tidy up my work desk, upon which, as you can see, there is barely enough space to squeeze in a waffer-thin mint.

Yes, I know.....

I am ashamed of it.  And I will tidy it up AGAIN but I can assure you that by the end of today it will be back as bad as ever.  I call it creative chaos in an attempt to justify my complete inability to maintain a clear workspace.

Highlights of my weekend include getting to grips with Google+, which for my money, knocks Facebook into a cocked hat.  I also managed to solve an apparently insoluble problem on Blogger with the aid of a very kind chap from one of the help forums who pointed me in the right direction and used words of one syllable to explain what I had to do.  In the end it was so easy I had to laugh at my own incompetence at being unable to work it out by myself.

This morning we girded our collective loins to tackle the installation of a new wireless router, to replace our ancient one.  In the end, despite all our prognostications of doom, the process was reasonably straightforward and I must admit I already really notice the difference in the speed at which browser pages open.  Only PP's laptop was strangely reluctant to join forces with the new equipment, having apparently forged an enduring relationship with the old one, but we eventually persuaded it of the error of its ways and everything now seems to be tickety-boo.

Still in new gadget mode, we've also replaced our ancient home phones (which can't keep a charge for any longer than 10 minutes), courtesy of a timely money-off voucher and a less-than-half-price offer on a new set.  They're currently on charge so we'll try them out tomorrow.

Phew.  All this grappling with new technology has worn me out.  I just might have to join Small Dog for a restorative nap.......

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