Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Time off for good behaviour......

I've worked really hard today.


Really, really hard.

I did several batches of casting which took absolutely ages, and finished off a little vintage toy bridal doll which I then listed on the website, then I did some more casting and inbetweentimes started preparations for a new kit.

If only I'd stopped right there and allowed myself time to bask in the warm glow of several jobs well done.

But no.

I just had to do one more thing. 

I don't know WHAT I was thinking.....

It's all eBay's fault.  I haven't actually sold anything on eBay for ages so I thought I'd pop on a 'quick listing' just as an experiment.

*holds head in hands*

Quite how so many people manage to put up listings day in day out I have no idea. After almost 40 minutes of preparing my 'quick listing' I was near demented.  Every few steps I had to update my personal information, or payment method, or contact details or I couldn't proceed.  For each update I was assured that I could simply complete the relevant information and return to my listing.  However EACH AND EVERY TIME I returned to my painstakingly detailed listing it had defaulted back to the start.

As a result I had to start again from scratch FOUR TIMES.  By the end of the experiment I was ready to declare my own personal jihad on whoever designs the listing process, which is as close to the seven circles of hell as is possible to imagine.

In the end I did manage to complete a listing, although it is nowhere near as detailed as it would have been if I hadn't been driven to the edge of madness.

So, in order to calm myself, I've been indulging in a bit of  eBay-related displacement activity.


You have to read all of the listing then click on the link to the website, mentioned at the bottom of the page.    "The Answers" tab is worth a look....

Also, I know I've posted this before, years ago, but I think it bears repeating for the sentiments expressed therein.

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