Thursday, 22 September 2011

Disgruntled in St. Leonards.......

It's always the same when I get back from a short break away (this time it was to celebrate PP's birthday).  It takes me ages to settle back into a routine and first off there's all the 'stuff' to deal with which has built up over just a few days.  Unpacking caravan, post, emails, laundry, phone messages etc etc etc.

I actually took some time out yesterday afternoon to escape to the workroom and finish off a little toy doll which had been languishing since last week so that I didn't have to tackle the mountain of emails awaiting my attention.

Also, what in blue blazes has happened to Facebook?  I can't do a thing with it.  Mind you, I don't have much time for it anyway, so it's recent reincarnation into something I like even less than the original has prompted me to try out Google+.

Thus far just one person has 'found me' and I've added that intrepid soul to one of my 'circles'.
The rationale behind Google+ is that you have different circles - family, friends, acquaintances, work colleagues etc and can add individual people to one or more circles.  Anything you want to say, you post just like Facebook, but you can choose who you want to share your post with.

So far, so simple, so NOT like FB.  I find the constant barrage of posts on FB unmanageable, and as a result I read hardly any.  I like the prospect of being able to easily filter incoming information into separate circles.  Things I want to share with 'friends' might be different to that which I want to share with 'family' or fellow miniaturists.  Google+ makes it easy to do that.

So, if you want to be added to one of my 'circles' (Friends or Miniatures, or both) just let me know.  I'll need your email address to send you an invite.  

 Edit: Apparently if you click HERE you'll be able to find me on Google+

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