Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Snakes and ladders............

When I was a child I had a lovely games compendium in a wooden box, which contained a beautifully illustrated selection of traditional board games, including Snakes & Ladders.

I must have been very impressionable, because I never really liked the game.  The snakes were  a tad too realistic for my liking, with sneering expressions and gaping mouths filled with venom-dripping fangs.  There also seemed to be far more snakes than ladders, and the higher up the board you got, the more they proliferated.  Games often lasted for what seemed like several increasingly frustrating hours as player after player almost reached 100 only to land on a snake and plummet back down to the mid-30s.

Most of this week I've felt as if I've been in a real-life version of Snakes & Ladders.  Trudging along, step by step, with an occasional spirit-lifting 'ladder' to give the illusion of making progress, only to be confronted by an unexpected 'snake' and slipping right back to the start.

I hate it when that happens.

I don't mind making slow progress, as long as it's steady.  However, unexpected setbacks, which render much of the previous progress null and void, really get my goat.



Elga said...

Oh, I know the feeling, my last month has been like that , 1 step ahead, 3 steps back, I am way behind on a commission, oh well, getting there slowly. I deliberately took the last two days off to just do some fun things and give my brain a rest.

Robin said...

I hated snakes and my Grandchildren are playing it....I still hate Snakes and Ladders.....keep yer end up mate xxxx