Monday, 11 June 2012

An announcement.....

Small Dog has an announcement to make.

Never one to blow her own trumpet (?!) she's asked me to let you all know that she has won a competition.

She has been awarded a Princess Poochie prize!

If you visit the website HERE, scroll down to the bottom of the page and look through the slideshow, you'll see her winning entry.

And her prize.....?  A free Poochie Bandana of course.  She's chosen the rather fetching shabby chic 'Summer Loving Poochie' which she will no doubt model in due course.

As she seems to be riding the crest of a lucky streak, I might get her to choose some lottery numbers this week......


PastMastery said...

Smorl Dawg, Smorl Dawg ...wot ar yoo doin?

If yoo mus ware sumthing..make it a clarsy Liburty cola..laik myn.

Bandarners ar four Gypsee dogz.

Yoo hav two mutch klars fer wun ov thows.

I wil send yoo a link.


Sandra Morris said...

O DD...

wot ar yue liek? oll of the besst drest doggs ar waring barndannas theez dais.

Gett with the proegramm! olso i hav sean yoo in yore motli so yoo ar in kno posishun to juj mi tsartoariel ackewmen.

i acktewali hav a hoal wordroab of difirint colarz inklewding wun with mi naim speld owt in diormontai kristls.

how klasi is thatt?

eniwai, i thinc i mite hav a bitt of jipsi in mee as mi mum sumtyms kolls me a litl tart (ass inn jipsi tart i presoom) and i alsew luv beein in owr karavann and romeing arownd. i kood probabli tel fortewns too.

luv & lix

PastMastery said...

Oh! Forrtewns....dat wud mi yuseful.

Yoo cud tel wen the fashun for bananas is gowin owt! I meen bandarners....
Lerve DDXX